About Feather

The History

Our founder, Jay, found himself moving into a small New York apartment with his fiancé in the dead of winter. They had spent the whole day transporting two apartments' worth of furniture in a dirty van, but they weren't quite finished yet... they still had to pick up what they hoped was a nice sofa from someone on Craigslist.

They drove across town, negotiated parking and pricing, and finally got the sofa. Unfortunately, when they got back to their new apartment late that night, they hit a wall (literally): the sofa was too big for the stairwell, and they had no choice but to sell it. Jay wailed and lamented for an appropriate amount of time, and began to realize that he was weighed down -- physically and financially -- by the things he just spent all day moving. That's when he had the idea for Feather.

Feather helps people own less and live more. We want you to have beautifully designed furniture without worrying about the buying, assembling, moving, and 'owning' stuff. Plus, we'll pick everything up when you're done with it.

Our small team is proudly based out of our office in Dumbo, Brooklyn.

Own less. Live more.


We're always excited to hear from motivated individuals who are interested in joining our team.
Check out our careers page and contact us if you think you'd be a good fit.


  • Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers
  • Bain Capital
  • Y Combinator
  • SV Angel
  • NEA
  • Fuel Capital
  • PJC
  • Blue Seed Collective
  • TMT Ventures